AccuReader SUZ18 Keyways for Suzuki




AccuReader of SUZ18 Keyways

AccuReader for the Suzuki SUZ18/X241 keyway locks. Designed to read actual depths for each space in any of the SUZ18 locks.

NOTE : This AccuReader will also read SUZ12/X179 keyway locks.

This system will allow you to read the SUZ18 ignition completely and accurately without the removal of the ignition. Following a few simple steps it takes only minutes to read the depths for each cut in each position for a complete key. The AccuReader works on the process of elimination to decipher the correct depths of the lock. By checking the deepest cut first you eliminate what the cuts are not. Therefore it is essential to always read depth slide #4 first.

The AccuReader key is designed to be used for wafer positions 4-7 on one side of the key and wafer positions 1-3 on the opposite side of the key. All seven positions can be read from the 4-7 side of the key, however it is recommended to flip the key over and use the 1-3 side. This allows for reading the 1-3 wafer positions with a fully or almost fully inserted key, increasing the accuracy.

Package Contents:

1-AccuReader key

1-insertion/release slide

1-depth slide #4

1-depth slide #3

1-depth slide #2

1-Tube storage container

1-Tube Cap

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