AccuReader HU100-IRT V2 Ignition Removal Tool for GM



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This tool was developed to remove the ignition in the “OFF” position in GM vehicles using the newer HU100 keyway that uses a removable tailpiece.  It will remove the ignition in the “OFF” position with no damage, no drilling, and do it in less than 60 seconds for super-fast key origination’s or excellent for jammed ignitions that will no longer turn to the “ON” position. (patent pending)


2014-2016+ Chevrolet Silverado
2015-2017+ Chevrolet Suburban
2015-2016+ Chevrolet Tahoe
2014-2016+ GMC Sierra
2015-2017+ GMC Yukon
2015-2017+ Cadillac Escalade

Click here to view HU100 V2 guide 

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