Accureader ITL Magnetic Insert Tray




Looking for a better way to organize and keep track of our ITL inserts we decided to make a tray that would keep them organized and easily identify them at a quick glance.  

Finally no more lost inserts!  

Designed to hold and keep organized up to 21 inserts.  Our tray is CNC machined from solid 6061 aluminum billet and is very versatile.  Originally the tray was designed to fit right on the ITL, however it can just as easily be magnetically mounted to any flat steel surface.


4 strong neodymium countersunk magnets acting as feet this tray will stay put almost anywhere.

There are an additional 21 smaller neodymium magnets that firmly hold each insert in position on the shelves.

Inserts sit at a 45 degree angle to easily locate desired insert.

Powder coated in semi-gloss black for a durable finish.

There are (4) ¼-20 threaded holes If mounting on a nonmetal surface is desired.

Designed to magnetically attach right on to the ITL therefore not taking up any additional table space.

Room for 21 inserts accommodates future insert releases.

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