AccuReader for Yamaha YM63 Keyways

AccuReader for Yamaha YM63 Keyways



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AccuReader of YM63 Keyways

This AccuReader is designed for the Yamaha YM63 keyway locks. It reads actual depths for each space in any of the YM63 locks.  

Comes with directions and a handy storage container.

YM63 Compatibility List

2009+ VMax
2007+ C3 Scooter
2001+ Zuma Scooter (YM63 or YM63R)
2001+ Vino Scooter (YM63 or YM63R)
1995+ YZF
1995+ FJR
1995+ FZ1
1995+ FZ6
1995+ R1
1995+ R6
1995+ GTS
1995+ XJ
1995+ V-Star (non 250cc models)
1995+ Road Star/Royal Star
1995+ Venture
1995+ Seca
1995+ F1
1995+ Warrior
1995+ RoadLiner/StratoLiner
1995+ Majesty/Morphous
1995+ T-Max

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