AccuReader for Ford 8 Cut H75 Keyways



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This system will allow you to read the Ford 8 cut locks from Huf, Non Huf, and Non-Sidebar Ignitions. Following a few simple steps it takes only minutes to read the depths for each cut in each position of a given lock. The AccuReader works on the process of elimination to decipher the correct depths of the lock. By checking the deepest cut first you eliminate what the cuts are not. Therefore it is essential to always read depth slide #5 first.

Package Contents:

1-AccuReader key (8-5)

1-AccuReader key (4-1)

1-insertion/release slide

1-depth slide #5

1-depth slide #4

1-depth slide #3

1-depth slide #2

1-depth slide #5 Huf

1-depth slide #3/4 Huf

1-depth slide #2 Huf

1-Tube storage container

1-Tube Cap

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