Access Tools Wheel Bullets for European Vehicles - 6 Pack

Access Tools Wheel Bullets for European Vehicles - 6 Pack



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Wheel Bullets hold wheel in place while working on European vehicles without studs.

Wheel Bullets are designed for European vehicles that do not have the wheel studs that American vehicles have on which to mount a wheel. European vehicles, and some American vehicles, utilize Bolts OR Lugs rather than Nuts to secure the wheel in place, which means when performing any wheel or brake service the removal and installation of a wheel is very difficult as there is nothing to 'hang' the wheel on. The Wheel Bullets function like guide pins or wheel hangers, allowing the wheel to be easily removed and installed with no risk of dropping the wheel, damaging the wheel or vehicle, or risk of injury. There are three sizes one might need depending on the application, and two Wheel Bullets are needed per wheel to properly hang and align the bolt holes. All Wheel Bullet products come with a handy application guide. The 6 Pack gives you enough for one wheel at a time. Perfect for the at-home mechanic or DIY individual.

Sizes Included:
14 x 1.5 (black)
14 x 1.25 (blue)
12 x 1.5 (red)


  • Used to hang wheels from hub
  • Fits virtually all European vehicles
  • Guides wheel for easy installation
  • Holds wheels for safe removal
  • Heavy duty anoodized aluminum with knurled handle

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