Access Tools Emergency Response Kit Long Case



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Emergency Response Kit Long Case was designed by first responders. This kit has all the tools that you need to get into any vehicle on the road in an emergency lock-out situation.

The main difference between the regular Emergency Response Kit and Emergency Response Kit Long Case is that the 2 Piece Snap-N-Lock Tool replaced with 1 Piece Quick Max Long Reach Tool. And also the Heavy Duty 30" Carrying Case in a regular Emergency Response Kit is replaced by the longer Heavy Duty 54" Carrying Case.


    • Quick Max 1 Piece Long Reach
    • Flex Max
    • Button Master
    • Glassman Tool For Vehicles With Frameless Windows
    • Super Air Jack Air Wedge
    • One Hand Jack Tool
    • Super One Hand Jack Tool
    • Wonder Shield
    • Heavy Duty 54" Carrying Case
    • Quick Instructional Manual & DVD


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