ABUS Industrial Hasp 110/155 C 6 7/64-inch 2 links

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Concealed Hinge Pin Hasp 110

The security rating of a hasp should always match the padlock. High-security hasps distinguish themselves by different characteristics, for example concealed screws. Hardened steel loops for the padlock's shackle should be concealed inside the hasp by which they provide extra protection against attempts to break the lock open.

Width A: 6 7⁄64 inch

Width B: 1 49⁄64 inch

Hole Diameter C: 15⁄32 inch

• Hardened steel for extra strength
• Seamless eye loop prevents prying
• Center-lock pin resists being driven out at end
• Hidden screws and hinge pins for extra security


Suitable for doors not closing flush, i.e. door leaf and door frame are not level

To be used with a padlock.

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