2021 AutoSmart Books Complete Set (Asian, European and Domestic Books)

2021 AutoSmart Books Complete Set (Asian, European and Domestic Books)



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This is a printed book set of AutoSmart 2021.

Updated with the car models and info through 2021.

The 2021 AutoSmart set has 3 books total.  You either buy the books as a set or individually.  This set with 3 books is the best value.  

Books included in this set:
2021 AutoSmart Book - Asian (Acura, Honda, Hyundai, KIA, Subaru & Toyota)
2021 AutoSmart Book - European (Audi, BMW, Volkswagen)
2021 AutoSmart Book - Domestic Books (Chrysler, GM & Ford)

AutoSmart is the most comprehensive and popular automotive locksmith book in history with instant access to information, easy to use.

You get all methods to make the first key, plus: Code series Key machine set up information Tumbler chart Information on ignition retainers, progressioning, airbags, code locations, key silhouettes, Transponders, valet keys, all parts and model notes. Make your own user notes.

• Updated with the car models and info through 2021. Audi, BMW, Volkswagen sections greatly expanded. Acura, Honda, Hyundai, KIA, Subaru & Toyota sections also expanded.

• Hundreds of pictures of Remotes, Remote Head Keys, Proximity Fobs, and Keyblanks added to really give you the full picture of what you are dealing with.

• Now even easier to use. Look up the car in the table of contents for that manufacturer and go directly to that section, much faster!

• Once at the specific car section - you will see the Key blank Application info along with remotes or proximity fobs, their part numbers, and associated FCC info. Next, you will see the Space & Depth info. Followed by the Transponder section with several different cloner types and that is followed by 9 different key programmer brands. The making first key section is there with a tumbler chart. Also, there is an application table for Strattec parts if applicable.

• Hard plastic covers add to the durability and lifespan of the books.

• All the components that make up this book are sourced from small businesses throughout the United States.  

• This product is restricted to locksmiths and others in the automotive security business. If you are a new customer to us - we will require some type of proof that you are in the automotive security business before we will ship to you.
We reserve the right to cancel your order and process a refund if you do not meet our criteria.

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