SuperMerc Mercedes Programmer Kit By Lockdecoders - PLUS Kit



SuperMerc Plus kit - Complete Electronic Key Maker 1996-2015

SuperMerc Plus Kit is designed to make a process of making keys for Mercedes simple and easy. The kit enables you to save a lot of valuable time extracting and modifying files thanks to theincluded Remote Kit Examiner, while the SuperMerc system keeps the original EIS bin-file configuration to make sure your original ordered key will work without any problems.

SuperMerc PLUS Kit - Complete Electronic Mercedes Key Maker - Main Features:

  • 2010-2014 for Sprinter, Vito and Viano.
  • An add on comming soon for most models up to 2013/2014
  • Duplicating lost keys through electronic ignition.
  • From original key-90% as some are sealed  version 51 and 57.
  • From electronic ignition via IFR- 40 to 60% that is throught the front of the switch.
  • From electronic ignition via eeprom - 90%. If you can read it you can calculate it. Very early Motorola needs to come off the board and cannot be read incircuit.
  • Testing of Electronic Keys, Electronic Ignition and EIS/ESL
  • Soldering and eeprom skills required
  • Training courses courses available
  • Portable Expert key examiner included

SuperMerc PLUS Kit - Includes the following extras over other similiar equipment:

  • EIS-EZS Password reader license
  • NEC prog v.12
  • IR Tools basic software
  • Eeprom programmer
  • Multiprog


There will be a 3% fee due if paid py credit card. 

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