PRO-LOK Blue Punch Machine I/Core A2 BP201IC


$956.80 $1,040.00


The I-Core A2 Blue Punch key machine is a dedicated key punch machine designed to provide factory original keys at the speed of a duplicator. The Blue Punch is fast, extremely accurate, and easy to use. The key machine is set up at the factory to provide automatic spacing and depth.

The A2 Interchangeable (I/C) Core Blue Punch machine is designed to cut factory original keys. This machine cuts A2 Standard Interchangeable Core (I/C) including: Best, Falcon & Arrow small format I/C key sections A-R,TA-TE, W and Arrow 1A-4D

*Will cut A3 and A4 with the purchase of an additional codebar.
Exclusions: Arrow Flexcore, Kaba Peaks, Insta-Key

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