Wireless Trilogy Networx Starter Kit


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Wireless Trilogy Networx Starter Kit

Versatile for indoors and outside; ideal for education, healthcare, government, airports, courts, municipalities, & retail. 

Includes: PDL6100, IME2 Ethernet Gateway, 30 Prox Cards, Software

Trilogy Networx Wireless Keypads and NetPanel combine to provide the ideal wireless keypad solution for use with mag locks, strikes and electrified exit devices in a smart access system with advanced features & functions, like automatic schedules, event logs and support for 2000 doors and 5000 existing Prox. ID Cards/Badges. The Networx Panel communicates via a Networx Gateway networked to any Windows-based PC. Networx keypads seamlessly share one common database hosted on free Alarm Lock free software (along with Networx
locks and standalone Trilogys too.). This cost effective system is very scalable, and up to 63 NetPanels, controlling up to 126 Networx Keypads (or wiegand devices), can communicate to as little as one Alarm Lock Gateway. Two starter kits are available, NET-DKPAK & NET-PDKPAK, each with a controller and keypad (Digital PIN or Prox,
respectively). Additional keypads and NetPanels may also be purchased individually.

• Wireless Keypad solution - networked versions of popular Trilogy DK/PDK3000 Keypads
• Ideal for use with strikes, mags, electrified exit devices
• 5000 users with 3-6 digit PINs or HID® ID cards
• Save manpower - Bidirectional 128 AES encrypted network communications updates, users, time-schedules and audit trail queries — without ever going to the keypads 

• Familiar Trilogy operation, programming, software and ruggedness
• NetPanel Controller supports 2 Networx keypads and/or 2 Wiegand output readers /devices
• Key features: Global lockdown and passage from keypad or PC, schedules, 35K event log, door position status
indicator, request-to-exit, door ajar/kick-in, remote release options.

• Networx NetPanel supports up to 2 Networx wireless keypads and/ or Wiegand-output readers and communicates wirelessly via Ethernet or 802.11B/G for a comprehensive wireless
networked door access control system, eliminating door-to-door programming and audit trail retrieval and providing all standalone Trilogy lock functionality plus new network-wide global emergency lockdown/unlock commands.
• Networx Keypads support up to 5000 users with 3-6 digit numeric PIN codes and NETPDK-Series also support prox ID card users (virtually all HID format proximity technology ID cards, fobs, credentials.)
• System-wide free-passage enable or disable, can be activated from the keypad or the Networx PC
• On demand, in seconds, wirelessly change keypad users, schedules, features or retrieve 35,000 events from any networked PC.
• Ideal for use with mag locks, strikes and electrified exit /panic devices (EL-devices/ electrified latch retraction devices.)
• Free Alarm Lock DL-WINDOWS software doesn’t require a dedicated computer or a special computer network or costly server software licenses, it simply runs as a secure Microsoft Windows-based application, on any computer system (as basic as a desktop or laptop PC), a wired or wireless router, and a gateway module or on a an internal LAN with static IP address (recommended). MS XP and Vista supported (v4.01 or higher).
• Up to 2000 NetPanels can be used per account to further expand system capabilities.

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