Posted on 06 September 2018

2018 International Key Supply Fall Training and Trade Show Event

Event Dates: October 5th and 6th

Event Location: Hilton Long Island (Melville) 

Event Location: Hilton Long Island (Melville) 

Address: 598 Broadhollow Rd, Melville, NY 11747

Nearby Airports: Long Island Mac Arthur Airport, JFK International Airport, La Guardia Airport

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Event Schedule:

Friday 8AM-5PM - EEPROM & Soldering - Sean Preuss (Room 1)
Friday 12PM-1PM - Lunch Break
Friday 1PM-5PM - Lishi Picks Lecture & Hands-On - Bill Youngson (Room 2)
Friday 6PM-8PM - Friday Night Social - FREE! (please purchase Friday Night Social ticket)
Saturday 8AM-12PM - VVDI MB - JB Gates (Room 1)
Saturday 8AM-10AM - Transponder 101 - Bill Youngson (Room 2)
Saturday 10AM-12PM - Generating New Business and Maximizing ROI - 101 - Bill Youngson (Room 2)
Saturday 12PM-1PM - Lunch
Saturday 1PM-3PM - Tips & Tricks plus Advanced Q&A - JB Gates (Room 1)
Saturday 1PM-3PM - Lishi Picks Hands-On Only - Bill Youngson (Room 2)
Saturday 10AM-5PM - Vendor demo event - Free Admission (please purchase Free General Admission ticket)


Please contact us if you need hotel accommodations.

Email or call with any questions:

  • 866-559-5397

Don't want to take the classes? Stop by Saturday, October 6th 10AM-5PM for the vendor event and take advantage of special offers by many top manufaturers. The vendor event is FREE, all that we ask is that you reserve a ticket ahead of time (General Admission ticket). See you there!

Class Schedule:

Event Shedule

Classes Description:

EEPROM & Soldering Class - Sean Preuss - Friday 8AM-5PM - $250

Soldering class Course Objective: This course will provide an introduction to, practice with and real world application of identifying, soldering, and desoldering components within automotive electronic security systems. There will be a brief introduction to acquiring automotive data directly from storage devices within the automotive security systems. 

Description: All the necessary equipment to locate, remove and reapply data storage devices in automotive security modules will be supplied for use within the course. This class is focused on the physical side of EEPROM work as it pertains to the removal of devices from the security circuits. A brief explanation of acquiring their data and a lengthy explanation of returning the devices without damage to the modules or devices will be provided. Class Goal: Upon completion of this class each student will have gained 4 hours of actual hands-on practice desoldering, fluxing, cleaning, and resoldering devices as they pertain to automotive security system work.

Requirements: Each student must provide a working automotive remote that contains at least an 8 leg component.

Eeprom class Objective: This course will provide an introduction to identifying data storage devices and the use of real world equipment to acquire, read, modify, and reprogram these devices with the goal of producing transponders to start vehicles economically.

Description: The class we will begin with simple in circuit examples of reading EEPROMs. It will then move on to removing EEPROMs from the circuit, reading them with multiple pieces of equipment and then modifying the data. The latest available equipment will be used to produce a transponder that will ultimately be able to start vehicles including water recreational vehicles and motorcycles. With the manufacturers increasing security and the increase in diagnostic equipment costs and fees to use said equipment, EEPROM work may be the last hope to produce keys for cars in the future. Class Goal: With provided equipment, students will gain actual hands-on experience of how transponders work at a computer level and with the knowledge to proceed into the future of automotive key generation. This class will instill confidence in the student's ability to continue profiting with key generation and with very little capital equipment investment.

Note: Students are also encouraged to bring real world modules and transponder containing electronics from cars and motorcycles for use in the class. It should be kept in mind that the more legs a device has, the more time it will take to desolder said device. Please keep in mind that if components are removed in advance, that there will be no way of inspecting your work.


Lishi Picks Lecture & Hands-On - Bill Youngson - Friday 1PM-5PM - $100

Students will learn how to pick and decode locks with Original Lishi tools. This will combine lecture-style education with full hands-on, real world application of the tools. Both standard and high security locks will be covered. Class taught by Bill Youngson. If you attend this class you will gain access to the special discounts for Original Lishi Tools for 1 week after the event.


Mercedes Key Programming 101 with VVDI MB - JB Gates - Saturday 8AM-12PM - $200

In this class, we will be teaching basics of Mercedes programming.  Including, terminology, key types, body types and password calculations and finally a quick demonstration on a module.


Transponder 101 - Bill Youngson- Saturday 8AM-10AM - $25

Beginner-Intermediate Introduction to Transponders: New to the automotive game? Looking to brush up on the basics? In this class, students will learn not only the history of transponders, they will gain good knowledge of what they are, how to use them, which equipment to use, cloning and programming basics, and more. There will be time at the end for Q & A so all of your questions and concerns will be addressed. Class is taught by Bill Youngson. You will receive $25 worth of Keyless2Go keys and remotes for attending this class.


Generating New Business and Maximizing ROI - 101 - Bill Youngson - Saturday 10AM-12PM - $25

You have invested in the equipment to be an automotive what? Our instructor with 25+ years of experience will show you how to get the best ROI in this ever-changing industry. Topics will include equipment to invest in, resources to have, potential customers to market to as well as how to establish your pricing. You will receive $25 worth of Keyless2Go keys and remotes for attending this class.


Lishi Picks (hands-on only) - Bill Youngson - Saturday 1PM-3PM - $50

This is an abbreviated version of the 4-hour course (offered Friday at 1PM). Students will dive right in to real-world, hands-on application of Original LISHI tools. If you attend this class you will gain access to the special discounts for Original Lishi Tools for 1 week after the event.


Tips and Tricks plus Advanced Q&A - JB Gates - Saturday 1PM-3PM - $50

This is the perfect class for Intermediate-to-advanced locksmiths. You've been in the business, you know what you're doing but there are just some things you come across that you can't find an answer to. Now is your chance. Our expert instructor will not only give you his professional tips and tricks from hard-earned experience (with topics ranging from alternate tools to use, how to get unstuck in the field, etc), he will also allow you to ask your own questions and try to 'stump the teacher'. This quick-and-fun class will be well worth the investment. Class is taught by JB Gates. You will receive a $25 worth of Keyless2Go keys and remotes for attending this class.

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