CN900 Mini Toyota G Token Refill Process

Posted on 16 November 2018

You will need a “Check Code” to add Toyota G Tokens to your CN900mini.  This “Check Code will be displayed on your Device once you have run out of tokens and then try to clone another Toyota G Transponder.  Once you have the ‘Check Code” browse to  

If you have not registered yet please do so by clicking on “Registration” link in the upper right.  The first field in the Registration Process is “Name”. In this field you will need to put the “Username” that you want to use for the Site not your First and Last Name.  Do not use and spaces in this “Username” or you will get an error. During the Registration Process make sure to input your phone number as 1XXXXXXXXXX. “1” is the US Country Code.  Without putting the “1” in front of your phone number the system will generate an error. Under the “CS id” field click the Drop Down and select “2”.

After you have registered for an account, the system will send you an email to the address you specified.  Please make sure to check your email and confirm your account registration from the email that the system sent you. Once you have registered, login by clicking on the “Log In” link next to the “Registration” link.  After logging in click on your Username to bring up the Drop Down Menu, and click on “Personal Center”. Next click on the “My Device” link on the left side of the page. If you have not already bound your device to the account you must do this first by clicking on the “Bind The New Device” link.  Enter the requested information, your CN900mini Serial Number can be found by turning on your Device and clicking on “Setup” and then “About”, also be sure to select the Device Type by picture at the top of this Popup. Likewise the Serial Number of your CN900mini is displayed on the same screen that displays the “Check Code”.  

Once your Device is bound to your Account or your Device is already listed, hover over the “Product List” link then select and click on “Device Activation”.  I new Page will appear. Click on the “TOY-G Chip Recharge” link. Another new Page will appear, click on the “Add To Cart” button. Make sure that you only add one “TOY-G Chip Recharge” to your Cart.  If you try to add more than one you will get an error. Once this item is added to your cart, scroll to the “Cart” link at the top of the page and click on it. Once your Cart is displayed click on the “To Check Out” link.  Make sure to fill in all of the required information. Also be sure to select the correct device in the “Select The Device Field” and input your ‘Check Code” in the box. Once the ‘Order” process is complete the “Activation Code” will be emailed to you.  The email that you receive will be in Chinese. The “Activation Code” you are looking for will be listed in the middle of the email in red font below your device’s Serial Number and your “Check Code”. Once you have this “Activation Code” please input it into your CN900mini on the same screen where you received your “Check Code”.  Enjoy additional Toyota G Tokens, and clone more Toyota G Transponders!



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